Eyebrow Sculpture 18
Lip| Chin| Sides| Neck Each 14
Full Face Including Brow Shape 50

Bikini 20
G-string 35
Full Bikini 50

Underarm 18
Arm Wax 25
Half Leg 25
Full Leg 50


Full Bikini 90
Full Bikini Maintenance within 5wks 75

Full Leg 65
Full Arm 30

Back | Shoulders or Chest | Stomach 45
Back| Shoulders| Chest |Stomach 75
Ears | Nose | Neck Each 14


15min Session 40
30min Session 60



Bio Sculpture Gel and CND Shellac are healthy nail
systems which do not contain acrylic! Non chip & no
damage to your nails, provides extra strength when

Shellac Nails 49
Shellac Toes 55
Full Shellac Pedicure 75
Includes Callus peel| paddling| massage

Gel Nail Overlay | Infill 60
Full set of extensions 85

Soak Off | Buff & Polish 40
Silk Nail Repair 10



30minute – 8hr Developing Moroccan Tan Solutions.

Full body 45
Top or Bottom Half 35
Full Body Maintenance f/n Session or bring a friend 40



Eyebrow Shape 18
Eyebrow Tint 14
Eyelash Tint 20

Eyebrow Shape | Tint 32
Eyebrow Tint | Eyelash Tint 32
Eyebrow Shape | Eyebrow Tint | Eyelash Tint 48

Precision Brow Sculpting 69
Precision Brow Loyalty 50

Eyelash Lift 70
Eyelash Lift | Eyelash Tint 80
Eyelash Lift | Eyelash Tint | Brow Tint 90
Eyelash Lift | Eyelash Tint | Brow Tint | Shape 100


Semi-Permanent Lash Extensions

Natural Set 110
Full Volume Set 135


Infill | 45 min | within 2wks of application 75
Infill | 1hr | 2-3 wks post application 85
Infill | 75min | 3-4 wks post application 95


Soak Off without re-application 20




Hair Stroke Brow Tattoo, Combination of Hair Strokes
with Machine or Hand Shading and Soft Powder or
Ombre Brow Tattoo options.


Consultation and Patch Testing | Redeemable 50


Initial Application Session 500

Perfecting Session | 4-8wks post application 150


Brow Colour Refresh | within 12months 200
Brow Colour Refresh | 12-18months POA

*Please note if you have previously had your tattoo session
elsewhere a consultation is recommended prior to establish
best treatment protocol going forward.


Any Occasion 90
Bridal Trial 75
Weddings* 90
Out of Salon Surcharge** 50+


*Weddings charged per person and/or per hour in excess of
allocated time per person.

**Surcharge + $1/km travel allowance charge for distance
travelled to and from location.


SkinDNA Assessment 149

Scientific, once in a lifetime personalised prescription
test to remove human guesswork for all home and in-
clinic skin programmes in your future. Split over two
appointments to include an Instant Radiance Facial.

Your mirror ball!


Instant Radiance Skin Fix | 40 min 55


O Cosmedics Indulgence Facial 90
   + Add Alginate Mask or Enzyme Peel 110
   + Add Both 120


Repairing Microdermabrasion | 40 min 75


Full Deluxe Microdermabrasion 120
   + Add Enzyme Peel 125




Medical grade treatments remodel skin for superior
results in valued time.

All O Cosmedics Pro Dermal Planning Medi Peel
systems are indulgently completed with the luxurious
alginate peel off mask infusions, except, the Alpha Beta
Resurfacing treatment protocol.

Ideal to restore and provide long term continuation for your
healthiest skin yet!


Pomegranate or Pumpkin Enzyme Peel 120
Oxygenating Enzyme Peel 135
Bio White Pigmentation Correction Peel 135
Catalyst Retinol Anti-ageing Peel 135
Alpha Beta Resurfacing Peel 149

Power Peel
Layer two Pro Dermal Peels in the one treatment 149



The ultimate skin fix!


Stimulation of your natural collagen development renews skin tightening, fine lines and wrinkles, heals acne and acne scars, rosacea, dehydration, hyper pigmentation. Minimizes pore size, sensitivity and even cellulite.


Our Dermapen total concept comprises a full Dermapen protocol with exclusive use of the DP Dermaceuticals product range as a non-negotiable for best practice and greatest client results.


Our full face protocol includes the management of the neck, eyes and lips as standard and is completed with the DP Dermaceuticals 3D Hyal-Active sculpted sheet mask and the celebrated Cover Recover as a veil allowing full protection and an easy return to work or home.


All Dermapen sessions include a take home rejuvenation care kit for superior results.


Full Face Protocol 299


+ Add Hand Rejuvenation or any 49
other area up to A4 size




Enhanced Results Sessions

1x Dermapen session
+ 1x Microdermabrasion or O Cosmedics Pro Dermal Planning Peel 1-2weeks post Dermapen session
+ Pre/Post Rejuvenation Sample Kit FREE

$375 | Value $504 | Save $129



3X Dermapen Sessions
+ 1X Pre/Post Rejuvenation Protocol Kit – FREE – Valued at $165

$890 | Value $1062 | Save $172